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  • Corey Ferguson

District West Presents to FBSCR

District West was presented the opportunity to speak to the Fort Bend Society of Commercial Realtors (FBSCR) about recent projects within this mixed-use development. The above photo provides a quick summary about the presentation, and plans for the future of Distirct West. Demand is strong for more upscale shopping areas, as well as dining establishments that invite family in an elegant and unique style. This intersection of Peek and Westpark Tollway (just inside Grand Parkway) boasts one of the best demographic locations in the country with household incomes above $140K, and family centric.

Please take time to review the presenation attached in PDF format(click the Picture Above....70MB), and if you wish to learn more about District West, please call me at 713-582-4644 or Email me via

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